Hunt with Mathers

Hunt with Mathers

Mathers Dove Hunt Safety Tips

It's important to follow the dove hunting tips below for a successful Texas dove hunt:
  • Keep Your Mathers Contact card with you at all times. We are here to help. If you are not feeling well or are in need of help, please give us a call. We are just a moment away.
  • Drive Slow along the roads around other hunters. Kids are in camo and dogs are active.
  • Please keep your gun safety on at all times when around other hunters.
  • Important: When a game warden comes by, unload your gun, take your license out, have three shells in your hand when you check to see if your plug is in.
  • The best way to hunt is to move twenty yards into the field, sit down, and face the trees. (Never shoot in the direction of another hunter).
  • Know what is in your line of fire. If in doubt, don’t pull the trigger.
  • Stay hydrated. Pace yourself and drink plenty of water. Abstain from alcohol during the hunt if possible.
  • Have someone stand watch when cleaning your birds, because dove always fly over you when they think the hunt is over.

Now booking for the 2023 - 2024 hunting season

White-Wing Hunt Weekends (2 Days)


Weekend Picker

Weekend Package

For Years, The State of Texas has established the South Texas Corridor along the Rio Grande River as “Special”. That is a classic Texan understatement. The 2022 Texas White-Wing Dove population was at 12 million birds; you will find more than you can handle at the Mathers Dove Hunt this year.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Special White-Wing dove season this year is Sept. 2-3 and Sept. 9-10. These are two-day hunting packages, so bring plenty of shells and a good hat. The birds will be waiting!

All White-Wing Packages Include:

Mathers White-Wing Cap
Two days of hunting
Full BBQ Lunch with drinks

Mourning Dove Day Hunts


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Daily Package

Mourning Doves are considered the trickier of the two hunted dove species. They zig, they zag, they dart, and never in the direction you expected! The mourning dove hunt is an all-day affair in Texas and can provide extra excitement for the bird hunter with their acrobatics. The 2022 Texas Mourning Dove population was right at 25 million birds! This is the perfect event to introduce a new hunter to the field.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Regular Dove Season this year is Sep 14 – Nov 12 and Dec 15 – Jan 21, 2024. Mathers’ fields will hold them as they migrate down and back from Mexico. No passport required!

Mourning Dove Days
Sept. 14 – Nov. 12, 2023
Dec. 15 – Jan. 21, 2024