South Texas Tradition

The sun sits in the noon sky as I stand in a milo field overlooking the Rio Grande River. My boots are covered in fine tan powder from the road and the field; proof of my trekking back and forth in the retrieving of my plumed prizes plucked from the South Texas skyline. I look over at my own children starting their journey in the outdoors, building their passion for the challenge and the reward of a classic South Texas Whitewing hunt.

Whitewing Dove is one of the most popular birds to hunt in Texas. The Special White-wing Dove hunting season typically starts the beginning of September and runs for only two magical weekends. Once this is complete, the regular season opens shortly after and continues through late January of the next year. During this time, thousands of hunters descend on the area in search of these fast and elusive birds.

Few outdoor adventures compare to a South Texas Dove Hunt. Dove hunting attracts all ages; it is a family event that consumes the weekend with the excitement of a hunt and the social atmosphere of an outdoor picnic. The South Texas Dove is a fast and difficult to target bird, so the challenge of the hunt is great. The South Texas landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a day in nature; with its vast open fields and towering mesquite trees, South Texas is truly a sportsman’s paradise.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, a South Texas Whitewing hunt cannot be beat. Few hunts allow you to combine a social outdoor experience with the thrill of the hunt. Camo is always in style and the right hat will make all the difference. The smell of suntan lotion, mosquito spray and burnt gunpowder is the eau de toilette of the dove hunter. A Texas dove hunt does not require much; a hunting license, a shotgun, some cold drinks and a place to stand in a field makes the Texas Dove Hunt the great equalizer of hunting opportunities in Texas.

No matter your background, your education, or the size of the tires on your truck, all are welcome and equal in the dove field. I hope to see you in the field this year. Be sure to bring a young person with you to pass along this great Texas hunting tradition.

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